Sunday, February 21, 2010

Our first Blog

Hi everyone, dad started this blog so people could get updates on how I am doing. I got the doggie bed from Puglet at the Dailypuglet blog. It is a very nice bed and I want to thank you and your mom very much. I am doing very well and am at my forever home. I will get more pictures loaded soon.


  1. There is a very long list of humans who came to my rescue in so many ways. The following donated to Southern Nevada Pug Rescue for my medical expenses, Thank you.

    PROS Pug Rescue Bay to the Borders Sarina and Cindy @ Fashionable Furbabies
    Kara Cahill
    Derek Collotta EA LLC
    Julie Canis
    Jim and Gail London
    Robin Vircsik
    Linda Pflaster
    Margaret Landskron
    Kayla Danna
    Amanda Bradshaw
    Jeff & Jenn DeBough
    Shannon Roach
    Kelly Wilson
    Sandra Horvat
    Juliana Walker
    Donna Galloway
    Elizabeth Tayco
    Wendie Pahor
    Mike and Terry Sweeney
    Jennie Robertson
    George Beverly, and Lady Ericksen
    Elenore Chaya
    Alessandra Fortunato
    Krystal Slade
    Nicole Wargo
    Cynthia Murray
    Arizona Pug Adoption and Rescue Network
    Linda Parena
    Sandra Turner
    Jennifer Miller
    Thomas Falvey
    Charmaine Yusunas
    Diana Leonard
    Blanche M Axton
    Megan Mortimore
    Melissa Tabari
    Jason Odom
    Thomas Bauer
    Mr. and Mrs. Jason Smith and their tikiPugs
    Erin Dean
    Sharon Lively
    Paula Vaught
    Jennifer Wirkkala
    Alex & Claire DeJesus
    Yvette Banks

  2. Hiya Hope!

    You look much cuter in the stripey bed than I ever could. So happy to hear you've found a forever home to be cozy in.

    I'll tell everyone over @The Daily Puglet the good news...

  3. Hey Hope, You sure a cute! You remind me of my Emma. Every dog and cat deserves a good home. I'm so glad you found yours!

  4. I am so happy for you, Hope! You are a beautiful and blessed pug! And bringing hope to many people and dogs the world over!! Thank you for your heart of love (and hope) : P