Sunday, March 14, 2010

St Pugtrick's Day in the Park!! Woo Woo!

Hi Everyone! It's St Pugtrick's Day here in Las Vegas! It is a big fundraiser event put on by Southern Nevada Pug Rescue, (SNPR) to help Pugs in need in the Las Vegas area. In The News page has lots of information about what SNPR is doing and upcoming events. Dad said we are going to see lots of Pugs and their humans from SNPR today. Sounds like soo much fun. We are planning for a great day in the park for an OFF Leash party!! Woo Woo! we can hardly contain ourselves. They will be announcing the winner of the Cutest Pug Contest 2010. Dad said I would have been the winner but I was not around for the start of the contest.

So listen up all you Pug kids in Las Vegas, I am running for the Gold in the 2011 event! You have been served!


  1. Hi Hope! You look ready to party! I hope you meet lots of pugs and have a ton of fun. You will totally win the cutest pug contest next year!

    Stubby xoxo

  2. Take lots of pictures!!!! We hope you enjoys the party!

  3. Hope- My Mommy loved snuggling you today! You are darling! 2011, you have our votes! Pug Hugs, Lola

  4. Sounds like so much fun! I hope you post pictures so we can see how you LV pugs party

  5. Hope, I loved your dress at st pugtricks day! It was good to see you making the rounds and greeting everyone!

  6. Hi Hope! I bet you had a great time at the Pugtricks day- I bet you Las Vegas Pugs can party!

  7. Hiya Hope!

    It was really nice of you to wait 'til next year to win.

    2010 is the year of Hope :)

  8. Hello Hope!

    You are Sooooooo Cute!

    Mommy and I are on the bloggy today. We still pretty new to the bloggy world. We see you little pix and we found your site!

    Your new Puggie Friends,

    Josie, Izzy, and Anakin

  9. This sounds so wonderful to help out a nice charity. We hope you had a fun time at the event. Thanks for the share. Have a wonderful upcoming weekend.
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